Dedicated Facility

Dedicated Manufacturing

Custom Fit. High Performance.

Fully managed operation with a dedicated production facility.

In the Shelmex Dedicated Facility Solution utilizes your company’s equipment, tooling, supply chain, and procedures combined with our in-house expertise to manufacture your product in exactly the same way you make it yourself.

Shelmex clients benefit from the experience of a service provider that knows the local market. In essence, our clients use this vehicle to take advantage of a fully dedicated facility in a low-cost environment while being sheltered from many of the risks and liabilities that normally come from incorporating and operating directly in Mexico. Our manufacturing managers and supervisory personnel typically immerse themselves and train in our client’s facilities to seamlessly transfer operations.

We typically bill our clients through mixed costing schemes that include direct costs, shared services, and overhead taking full responsibility for production, quality, and delivery of the product.


Supported by The Shelmex Ecosystem

Shelmex serves as an extension of our client’s business project in Mexico. The Shelmex ecosystem can support clients through the complete product manufacturing and delivery value chain. The ecosystem enables clients to quickly deploy production and distribution capabilities in Mexico to achieve low cost with minimal risk.

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