Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

You Design. We Build.

The complete value chain solution for your product or sub-assembly.

In the Shelmex Contract Manufacturing Solution, our clients approach us with a product, design, or formula. We quote the parts based on processes, labor, tooling, and material costs. Typically our clients will request quotes from multiple contract manufacturers. After the bidding process is complete, we act as our client’s factory, producing and shipping units on their behalf.

Shelmex also performs job production on a contract basis. It is a subset of our contract manufacturing services. Job production includes a lower level of outsourcing in which a product-line-owning client entrusts parts of a finished product while it controls and performs the production of the final product.

Shelmex Contract Manufacturing Solutions is typically billed on a per-product or per-piece basis.


Supported by The Shelmex Ecosystem

Shelmex serves as an extension of our client’s business project in Mexico. The Shelmex ecosystem can support clients through the complete product manufacturing and delivery value chain. The ecosystem enables clients to quickly deploy production and distribution capabilities in Mexico to achieve low cost with minimal risk.

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