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Why choose Shelmex?

We’re a team of always-ready, always-accountable, always-helpful partners that embody operational excellence. 


We Know Manufacturing in Mexico

Shelmex began operations in 1996 as Sagui Internacional in the Northern Mexican city of Monterrey. The company’s first products were piñatas for U.S. retailers. The nature of the product helped develop artisan crafted techniques which enabled the company to acquire experience in labor-intensive processing.

Shelmex soon expanded its capabilities to meet the demands and requests of new customers. In 2005, the hand-crafted manufacturing environment began serving the manual assembly needs of the greeting card industry incorporating other printing and packaging manufacturing process. Since then, Sagui has diversified its labor-intensive services to accommodate specific manufacturing needs of a diverse group of customers.


Our People

Shelmex has over 600 staff members and highly committed helping hands. We perform with purpose. Together, we help our clients build great products, succeed, and celebrate. We never settle for second best. At Shelmex, we’re not just committed to performing well as individuals, but as a team, to strengthen our company and our clients.

We learn from each other and share those learnings quickly, resulting in an environment which enables great communication and collaboration. It’s all about respect for one another’s unique traits, backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. We’re constantly innovating to sustain our environment, develop our people, grow our communities, and improve our business practices.


The Shelmex Ecosystem

Shelmex serves as an extension of our client’s business project in Mexico. The Shelmex ecosystem can support clients through the complete product manufacturing and delivery value chain. The ecosystem enables clients to quickly deploy production and distribution capabilities in Mexico to achieve low cost with minimal risk.

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